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We invite you to our upcoming one-night Dreamality Introductory Seminar. Gain powerful insights and techniques to immediately upgrade your life, plus discover what our innovative programs can do for you. Check-in is at 6:30 pm, the seminar begins promptly at 7:00 pm and ends at about 9:30 pm. The value of this seminar is $100. However, while space is available, we invite you and your guests to attend as a gift on us! Register now for a date below or call us at (310) 573-1325. This one evening could change the course of your life for the better, forever.

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"All glory comes from daring to begin."

Eugene F. Ware


Dreamality Introductory Seminar

Find out for yourself how you can achieve your dreams of happiness, peace, health, success, fulfilling relationships and much more at our one-night Dreamality Introductory Seminar. Gain powerful insights and techniques to immediately upgrade your life, plus discover what our innovative programs can do for you. The value of this seminar is $100. However, while space is available we invite you and your guests to attend as a gift on us! One evening, one choice could change the course of your life for the better, forever.

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Dreamality Life I

Our ground-breaking 9-week Dreamality Life I seminar teaches you “extraordinary life skills” – vital skills for living a fulfilling and extraordinary life. While our students often report feeling naturally high after each session, our main goal is for you to develop clear insights and lasting life skills, so can you can create results in all aspects of your life for the rest of your life! Experience our proven step-by-step system, consisting of profound wisdom from a wide breadth of disciplines and our exclusive Precision Transformation Technology™. Live your dreams – your Dreamality life – sooner, easier and more consistently than you ever thought possible.

Join us to discover:

  • Revolutionary methods to achieve your potential and transform your dreams into reality, including guidance to overcome unconscious blockages
  • DAALS™: The 5 most important skills for living a fulfilling and extraordinary life
  • How to increase your successes, and quickly grow stronger and wiser from your mistakes
  • How to connect to your magnificent essence and authentic identity, and bring out the best in yourself every day
  • How your identity got formed, and how to recreate yourself the way you choose
  • Proprietary step-by-step methodology to train and manage your mind
  • Profound answers to some of humanity’s most important questions: Why are we here? Why do good people suffer? How did my life turn out the way it did? What is the purpose of life?
  • The secrets governing the Universe and you
  • How to live with confidence and unconditional joy
  • How to be cause and creator of a life you love
  • How to bend a spoon using the power of your mind, and access that power in all of your life
  • And more…
“I quadrupled my income in 8 weeks… I consider you my angel.”

Maz Lakpour, Restaurant Owner

“I was motivated to lose 30 pounds within 2 months… plus I created a business with my sister.”

Sharie Radin, Clothing Designer

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Dreamality Life II

Our leading-edge 9 week Dreamality Life II seminar teaches you how to access your subconscious and achieve “self-mastery”. Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is the ability to deal with our emotions, has been shown to be more important than IQ in determining success and effectiveness. The most popular techniques out there teach us to just manage our emotions (e.g. anger management), meaning our unwanted emotions aren’t necessarily eliminated. In Dreamality Life II, we go above and beyond any other process we’re aware of in the world. You learn our revolutionary step-by-step Emotional Transformation™ techniques to rapidly eliminate and transform your negative emotions and patterns at a root, subconscious level. Find out how to maintain a positive state of being – any time, any place, with any one. Experience a significant raise in your EQ. (Prerequisite: Dreamality Life I )

Join us to discover:

  • 7 Core Desires™: Understand your deepest driving forces and the keys to motivating yourself and others.
  • Alternate Strategy™ / Strategy Upgrade™: Get rid of your ineffective habits and patterns at a root level and develop empowering habits.
  • Self Coaching™: Access and reprogram your Subconscious – the 95% of your mind that habitually runs your life; access your Superconscious – your profound internal wisdom and intuition; and access your inner child – your zest for life.
  • Self Mediation™: Resolve your inner conflicts and create inner harmony & wholeness
  • Anger into Peace™: Transform anger, annoyance, frustration, hate, etc. and achieve inner peace.
  • Dependency into Freedom™: Release attachments and addictions, attain independency and interdependency, and experience true freedom and mastery.
  • Regression Repatterning™: Regress to your past (a form of inner time travel) – including your childhood, the womb of your mother, past lives or past generations – to deeply heal the root causes of your issues, thus powerfully transforming your present and your future.
  • Sadness into Joy™: Quickly release sadness, grief, depression, etc. and experience unconditional joy.
  • And more…

“I overcame the biggest challenge of my life – I quit smoking! I feel powerful and better than ever!”

Bonnie Sadigh, Interior Designer

I have a sense of power over my mind, emotions and life. The class and techniques are very useful and really last. I wake up every day feeling good, feeling free! I’m happy! I don’t need a reason to be happy. It’s not like I’m happy because of x, y, and z; I’m happy regardless of.

UCLA Student

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Dreamality Life III

In our cutting-edge 9-week Dreamality Life III seminar, you create a “life by design”. What does the future hold for you? What will happen to you this year, in five years, in the next five decades? Who will you become? What legacy will you leave behind? What is your destiny? Every decision, word and action we take affects our destiny. Instead of living an accidental life and just wondering what the future will hold, in Dreamality Life III you design your destiny and then discover how to boldly live a life by design. (Prerequisite: Dreamality Life II)

Join us to discover:

  • Visioneering™: This process supports you to create a compelling life vision and experience crystal-clear clarity about the future you want to live. Clarity = power.
  • Unique Life Purposes™: Why are you specifically on this planet? Discover your unique life purposes, including your unique gifts and talents. Derive profound significance, direction and passion for your life.
  • Fear into Power™: Learn our proprietary step-by-step method for transforming fear, worry and anxiety into power, peace and calm. This is the most effective technique worldwide we’re aware of for clearing fear and supporting you leave in your power.
  • Decision-Making Protocol™: Learn our proprietary step-by-step method for making decisions, and for transforming doubt, confusion and indecisiveness into clarity, certainty and decisiveness. Become a great decision-maker.
  • Simplify your life: Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and stressed? Part of the answer is to simplify your life. De-clutter and organize your environment, mind and life. De-stress, feel inner peace and open space for an abundance of blessings.
  • Values > Rules > References: Discover and upgrade your inner operating system – including your unconscious priorities and rules for life – to create peak performance and fulfillment.
  • Upgrade Your Beliefs: Do you ever feel like something is slowing or stopping you internally, and you’re not sure what? Discover unconscious “belief viruses” that limit your success, and rewrite your “belief DNA” to create brilliant success in various areas of your life – including health, finances, relationships, etc.
  • And more…

I have vastly improved the quality of my relationships and I have become a much more powerful and peaceful individual. The clarity which this seminar provides is profound and deep.

Maziar Malakouti, freelance cinematographer

The lessons in DLIII created a path to make room for more important things in life, to move toward balance, enjoy the present, find peace and realize my powerMy dreams continue to be become realities. I love my family and work and being a wife and mother, we are living more comfortably in a bigger home, and I’m healthy and happy!

Lailee Foroutan, mom/jeweler

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Dreamality Leadership Program

Seminar graduates have the opportunity to participate in our exceptional Dreamality Leadership Program. At Dreamality, our focus is not to create followers; it is to create leaders in the world. Participate in this powerful program to develop world-class leadership skills, receive training in our proprietary BeRLER Communication™ technique for masterful communication, accelerate your growth as you retake a seminar, make a profound impact on the lives of others, and more. (Prerequisite: Dreamality Life I, II or III.)

Join us to:

  • Receive training in world-class leadership skills – discover how to successfully lead and manage others
  • Receive training in our exclusive and step-by-step BeRLER Communication™ technique – uncover the secrets to masterful communication and practice effective persuasion
  • Review and master the Dreamality Life seminars – deepen your learning, transform even more and accelerate your growth
  • Set and achieve your personal intentions and dreams – achieve results with the support of your fellow Dreamality Leadership Staff team members
  • Experience team synergy with other empowered individuals – develop camaraderie in the energizing Dreamality environment
  • Support Dreamality seminar participants – make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, generating a positive ripple effect globally
  • Be part of a great community – and join us for exclusive leadership gatherings
  • Experience just how powerful and extraordinary you are – and do so while having a lot of fun!
  • And more…

“In the Dreamality Leadership Program, I really applied what I learned in my life. I became an expert in how I am cause and creator in my life. I became much more aware and relaxed, accepting life as it is. I now deeply understand and have a higher quality of relationship with others, especially my children.”

Joseph Saghian, CEO of cell phone company

“I came out of my shell… Now I am a leader in my life and with others… I am happy, cheerful and excited for my life and future!”

Shahdeh Khodavandi, student and designer

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Dreamality Personal Coaching

Meet one-on-one with Dreamality Founder and Head Coach Arjang Zendehdel to deeply transform your life and achieve extraordinary results. Arjang has trained in cutting-edge fields such as Coaching, Psychoneurology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, where people studied masters of psychotherapy and transformation, and asked how they could support their clients to change faster, deeper and longer-lasting. With that as a springboard, Arjang created next-generation techniques – Precision Transformation Technology™ and Emotional Transformation™ – to make transformation even more effective. Possibly the most advanced, customized one-on-one transformation in the world, Dreamality Personal Coaching supports you to systematically clear out hidden blockages and transform your life at a root unconscious level. As a result, our Dreamality Personal Coaching clients have rapidly achieved quantum leaps in fulfillment, performance and quality of life. Here’s a brief comparison, based on what we have often heard from our clients:

Other 1-1 Processes (Generally) Dreamality Personal Coaching
Focus on listening and understanding.
Can be problem-oriented and lacking in solutions.
We listen and understand too, but we are solution-oriented. Our focus is solutions and results for you.
Focus on conscious talking and behavior change. We dialogue with you too, but our focus is root, subconscious transformation. Thus, change is thorough – mental, emotional and behavioral.
Focus on the past, even wallowing in it. We do address your past (as far back as possible), but using our highly advanced Regression Repatterning™ techniques, so you swiftly and deeply heal the root causes of your issues. Also, our major focus is on you creating results in the present and future.
Show you how to be aware of and manage your emotions (i.e. anger management) – which means your negative emotions are not necessarily eliminated, but controlled. Deal with emotions in a vague and general way. We teach you our revolutionary Emotional Transformation™ techniques – how to eliminate unwanted emotions and transform them into positive emotions. We have specific step-by-step techniques for effectively transforming (reprogramming) each major emotion – such as Anger into Peace™, Fear into Power™, Sadness into Joy™, etc.
Can take a long time or not work at all. We do accelerated transformation – which could be twice as fast, ten times as fast or even faster than other processes (partly based on issue, client follow-through, etc.). We’ve successfully achieved results where others haven’t or didn’t think it’s even possible.

We’ve supported people achieve brilliant results in the following areas. Join us to discover how you too can:

  • Achieve your dreams and goals
  • Overcome and transform unwanted emotions (e.g. fear, anger, stress, sadness, confusion, dependency, low self-esteem, etc.) at a deep, subconscious level
  • Achieve higher levels of joy, peace, power, confidence, clarity and decisiveness
  • Overcome psychological and spiritual blockages; and grow mentally and spiritually
  • Discover or/and develop your career
  • Increase your performance, income and wealth
  • Clear your blockages and attract your Dreamality mate / husband / wife (we’ve successfully supported many people get married! ☺)
  • Heal relationship issues and create satisfying relationships
  • Improve your health
  • Triumph over trauma (sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc.)
  • Overcome and transform unwanted habits and addictions (i.e. procrastination, smoking, drug use, etc.) and create new healthy patterns
  • Successfully manage and master your time
  • Communicate lovingly, powerfully and effectively
  • And more…

“I have had so many changes since we met. I’ve learned discipline and integrity, to be true and authentic, to face and overcome my fears, to forgive and to love others and myself unconditionally… I feel so positive, peaceful, hopeful and open-minded to the possibilities of life. I feel much, much more powerful. I’m designing my life in the best way possible. You have never given up on me. You’ve been patient, loving and compassionate towards me even when I haven’t. Now when I “fall,” I quickly get up and go on with life. You’ve truly been like a brother and angel to me.”

Michael Baradarian, President of textile company

“I increased my earnings by more than 200% [in a few months]!!! The methods are very powerful. I have had numerous breakthroughs… in relationships, financial, spiritual, health, travel and leisure goals. I learned unconditional self-value and self-love. Arjang is very knowledgeable, with powerful methods, and finally his caring and commitment for my transformation is excellent. I loved it!”

Shahla Monfared, Senior Underwriter at Washington Mutual Bank

Sessions are conducted in-person, by Skype or by phone. For more details and to make an appointment,
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Dreamality Mediation and Dreamality Couple Coaching are leading-edge ways for you to peacefully resolve your conflicts and create satisfying relationships.

Dreamality founder Arjang Zendehdel is a certified Mediator and exceptionally gifted peacemaker, with a very high success rate in supporting people resolve their conflicts. He received his Certificate in Dispute Resolution (training in mediation, arbitration, negotiation, etc.) at Pepperdine University’s School of Law – which has been ranked the #1 program for Dispute Resolution in the nation for more than a decade (#2 has been Harvard University). Furthermore, Arjang has incorporated decades of experience and training in other disciplines (see About Us) and created innovative techniques to make Dreamality Mediation truly cutting-edge. He even teaches people how to resolve conflicts on their own using his proprietary Dreamality Mediation Protocol™. If you have a conflict – personal, professional, divorce, family, legal, non-legal, etc. – reach out to us to effectively resolve it.

Arjang Zendehdel also has an extremely high success rate in supporting couples create fulfilling relationships through Dreamality Couple Coaching. Building on his vast training and personal experience in a happy marriage since 2001, Arjang has even pulled couples from the brink of divorce and guided them to significantly improve their relationships. The focus of Dreamality Couple Coaching is to support you to effectively resolve past issues, forge a strong relationship and learn practical tools to continue to enhance your relationship. As Dreamality Personal Coaching is leading-edge compared to other 1-1 processes (see comparison table), Dreamality Couple Coaching is leading-edge compared to other couple processes for similar reasons. Chief among the benefits of Dreamality Couple Coaching is that it’s solution-oriented, it’s relatively fast and it works! Join us to:

  • Resolve conflicts using our Dreamality Mediation Protocol
  • Quickly clear past hurts, upsets and resentments using our proprietary Emotional Transformation™ techniques, especially Anger into Peace™
  • Gain tools to effectively communicate, using our cutting-edge BeRLER Communication™ technique for masterful communication
  • Discover insights and techniques for creating love, harmony and partnership
  • Discover how to generate excitement and intimacy while in a committed long-term relationship
  • And more…
“My brother and I were in a major lawsuit, where we sued each for millions of dollars for complex business issues (and personal ones). We went to a mediator (retired judge), but got nowhere. Then we asked Arjang to mediate between us, even though we thought it was likely impossible to resolve our issues. He patiently and creatively mediated between us and supported us to reach a thorough win/win agreement, which has been approved by the courts and we’re now implementing. He saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and more importantly supported us to resolve our issues in a peaceful way.”


“Your work has been very profound for us, because it is causing a shift not just in our marriage, but in our lives. We are learning to create the life that we want, rather than life being created for us. Our relationship has improved tremendously.”

Ranan and Pascale Shahar, Acupuncturist and Nurse

Sessions are conducted in-person, by Skype or by phone. For more details and to make an appointment,
contact us now. 230


dreamality introductory seminar

Wednesday March 25. Check-in 6:30 pm; seminar from 7:00 pm to about 9:30 pm. Register now as our guest!


Thursdays January 30; February 6, 13, 20, 27; March 5, 12, 19; Graduation Wednesday March 25. 7:00 pm to about 10:00/10:30 pm.


Thursdays April 23, 30; May 7, 14, 21; Tuesday May 26; Thursdays June 4, 11; Graduation Monday June 15. 7:00 pm to about 10:00/10:30 pm.


Mondays January 27; February 3, 10, 17, 24; March 2; Wednesday March 11; Monday March 16; Graduation Wednesday March 25. 7:00 pm to about 10:00/10:30 pm.


Begins with Lift-Off Meeting on Sunday January 12 from 10:30 am to about 8:00 pm.


By appointment.

Dreamality Mediation / Couple Coaching

By appointment.

Dates and content for all programs are subject to upgrade.

For more info, for dates of future programs or to register, please contact us.


Be inspired! Listen to a powerful radio show with founder Arjang Zendehdel.

For 10 years, Dreamality founder Arjang Zendehdel produced and hosted two highly popular radio talk shows – “Bridge to the Future” on KRSI and “A Night of Insight” on KIRN 670 AM. These shows educated, empowered and entertained hundreds of thousands of people in Southern California via terrestrial radio and worldwide through the internet. As the first known “Radio Coach,” Arjang became a pioneer of life coaching over the radio. Arjang also interviewed hundreds of influential celebrities and leading experts in fields ranging from health, science and the environment to psychology, spirituality and personal development.

Some of Arjang’s distinguished radio guests have included:

Arjang had a profound and lasting impact on his listeners who enjoyed Arjang’s warm, engaging style and calm, yet powerful voice. Plus, his distinct ability to uncover the core wisdom in each expert’s field made the shows a practical university where listeners, as well as Arjang himself, learned insights they could apply in their lives. As a result, Arjang amassed a vast, loyal base of listeners throughout his 10 years on the air.

Arjang can still be heard making periodic appearances on talk radio, where now he is the guest expert, sharing insights from Dreamality’s curriculum and Precision Transformation Technology™. For notices of Arjang’s future on-air appearances, join our e-mail list…


Since Dreamality was founded in 2002, thousands of lives have been touched through our various programs. Our participants have used the powerful skills they learned to… achieve freedom from anger, sadness, fear, hate, confusion and other unwanted emotions; experience true joy, love, peace, power, clarity and other forms of fulfillment; get married and create great relationships; increase their income 10% to 900%; shed 10 to more than 160 pounds; quit cigarettes and various drugs; heal traumas such as physical abuse, sexual abuse and infidelity; and more. If they can create these profound results, so can you! Here is a small sample of their testimonials, grouped by different areas of life for your convenience:

An Exceptional Experience

I’ve attended countless seminars and seen countless therapists, coaches, psychologists, etc. Dreamality with Arjang Zendehdel was by far the most influential, most powerful, and most effective of them all!

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 1, 2019

Before I started, I was feeling depressed, confused and panic stricken. I had gone to countless therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and spiritual mentors, but no one affected me like Arjang. After only 1 month, I feel awake with a sense of peace, and I know I can and will achieve my fullest potential.

Garrett Shaw, Businessman January 1, 2019

My life is more purposeful. I am calm, focused, peaceful and relaxed… I have read so many self-help and psychology books, and listened to tapes. But the results that I have gained from Arjang have been tremendous. His style is unique.

A.R., Medical Assistant January 1, 2019

I’m feeling more empowered and in control of my destiny. There has been a shift in my attitude towards life, the future, other people, etc. I have read many self-help books and studied different philosophies and disciplines, but was never able to apply them in life. Arjang’s methods helped me get in the driver’s seat and apply these proven ideas to my career, relationships and life in general… Dreamality is the most valuable growth investment I have made for myself in my life. Thank you!

Dr. H.V., Surgeon January 1, 2019

In the past 37 years, I have been searching to find myself and learn how to be the most effective and happy. I started with the top internationally known seminars and I even went to India to study with monks. But after I took your Dreamality seminar, I found your approach is the most effective. You have combined all the best out there to present to your students. I appreciate you very much for what you are doing.

Nasir Torbati, Architect and Real Estate Developer January 1, 2019


Your work has been very profound for us because it is causing a shift not just in our marriage, but in our lives. We are learning to create the life that we want, rather than life being created for us. Our relationship has improved tremendously.

Ranan and Pascale Shahar, Acupuncturist and Nurse January 1, 2019

By the way, the list that we made together a year ago. Regarding ‘the man of my dreams’ lol. Came true. To the Tee. He is my Fiancé now ☺. Thanks again for your support.

Sandy January 1, 2019

Before I used to just hope my life is going to get better. Now I’m creating the life I want. My relationship with my husband and loved ones has improved a lot. We increased our income many fold, while working less hours. I’m a better wife and mother. And I’m feeling much happier and more peaceful.

Dr. Maryam Hadian, Dentist January 1, 2019

I have vastly improved the quality of my relationships and I have become a much more powerful and peaceful individual. The clarity which this seminar provides is profound and deep.

Maziar Malakouti, Freelance Cinematographer January 1, 2019

After 15 years, my wife and I have fallen in love all over again.

R.F., Businessman January 1, 2019

“I really applied what I learned in my life. I became an expert in how I am cause and creator in my life. I became much more aware and relaxed, accepting life as it is. I now deeply understand and have a higher quality of relationship with others, especially my children.

Joseph Saghian, CEO of Cell Phone Company January 1, 2019

I notice dramatic changes in my relationships with other people.

E.C., Motion Picture Editor January 1, 2019

I got engaged [and I’m now married with a baby]! In the beginning of this program, I wrote a list of my ‘ideal man,’ not thinking anyone can fit the profile. But my fiancé came along and proved me wrong! I think it was the fact that I was thinking more positively about life and myself.

Ava Ardalan, Insurance Agent & Fashion Designer January 1, 2019

I was dating in my early twenties and couldn’t commit to a serious relationship because I feared G-d forbid getting divorced. Together he and I worked on this fear, and we made a list of who my Dreamality husband would be. Not only did I leave Arjang fearless of divorce, but he also gave me the tools to find the right person for me… I met with Arjang again a few months after my wedding, and he had a copy of my Dreamality husband list (a list of about 30 qualities/characteristics). My husband fits every single one of those qualities!!! … Also, after getting married I had a hard time adjusting to my new social life. Arjang helped me work through my expectations and anger, voiding my life of them, and therefore accepting people to find inner peace.

D.S., Physician Assistant January 1, 2019


I quadrupled my income in 8 weeks… I consider you my angel.

Maz Lakpour, Restaurant Manager January 2, 2019

As a result of Dreamality, I more than doubled my income as a real estate agent during the recession in 2009, and tripled it in 2010. I currently have a 6-figure income!

Shokoh Nasab, Real Estate Agent January 2, 2019

I’m feeling a lot better about myself and my life. My health has improved dramatically. I am more focused and clearer than before. And I have gotten my dream job!

Sharona Koshki, Nutritionist January 2, 2019

I asked Arjang to help me at one of the most crucial times of my career and studies. I felt stuck and scared. Dreamality allowed me to overcome it and turn some of my biggest fears into joy and power. As a result, I had strength and tools to peacefully and joyously take my medical certification exam and pass. I am forever thankful to Arjang and Dreamality!

Dr. Steve R., M.D. January 2, 2019

I learned to control my thinking and be more loving towards myself. I start my day more positive and am way more peaceful. I booked a national commercial and some amazing gigs with my band… I’ve been so busy yet energized!

Elise van der Horst, singer / songwriter / model January 2, 2019

I achieved my financial goal of 200% increase in 6 months. I have created more time in my schedule. I’m not having a lot of tension, as before. I’m more relaxed in my daily life.

D.A., Self-employed January 2, 2019

During the seminar my monthly gross income increased by 257%. I now have been doing one-on-one coaching for two months… my income continues to increase and we continue to improve my overall quality of life. Thank you Arjang!

Russell Mohberg, Edward Jones Investments January 2, 2019

I was working 60 hours per week. I work 40 hours per week now. I used to make $10,000 per month net and now I’m making $20,000 per month and have more free time. I was single before. Now I am happily married with a child.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I am well on my way to applying to the top veterinary schools, after transforming my test-taking fears into POWER! This allowed me to achieve high scores on the GRE admissions test, which will open doors for me and is part of the pathway to fulfilling my dreams.

Roxana Aslan January 2, 2019

I was getting D’s and F’s and very close to not being able to graduate, but my Coach put me in the state of mind where I am able to do my best. Now, I got all A’s and B’s on my report card. I am very proud of myself, and feel like a new and improved person. I feel like I’m more powerful, free, peaceful and respected.

A.R., High School Student January 2, 2019

Before I met you and took Dreamality, I had no clear path and not even a clear goal. Without you, Arjang, I would never have been able to dream up and make a reality a profession that fits my personality so well! It was with your help that I was able to get to my core and find a profession that can be intrinsically satisfying.

Edmond Gordon, (now) doctor of physical therapy January 2, 2019

I was blessed to know about Arjang in the toughest time in my life when I just separated from my wife after 30 years and my business was suffering tremendously. I felt lonely and lacking in strength. By using all the tools, techniques and guidance from Dreamality, I improved in various ways. I am successful. I feel confident and strong regardless of external circumstances. I’m clear and complete with my past relationships. I am currently married to a lovely woman. I’ve increased my company’s revenue and personal income by about 10 times. I’m also exercising regularly and feeling great health-wise.

Asher Shalom, Businessman January 2, 2019


I was motivated to lose 30 pounds within 2 months… plus I created a business with my sister.

Sharie Radin, Clothing Designer January 2, 2019

With Dreamality’s support, I took the necessary measures to shed over 160 pounds about 6 years ago and have kept if off! Furthermore, I overcame various fears, including of cockroaches. I also used to have anger towards my mom for many decades, making it hard to even speak with her without fighting; and now I feel at peace with her and even communicate with her for long periods calmly. I’m in general a more loving and effective communicator. Dreamality supported me tremendously in many areas of my life!

Sarah T., Social Worker January 2, 2019

I sleep better at night. My business is more successful. I am more centered, calm and feel more powerful.

Adam Katz, Real Estate Agent January 2, 2019

I have certainly become a stronger person with the tools that you have given me. I was able to lose 38 pounds. I am running to exercise and enjoy it. I believe in and love myself more than ever in my life.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I am calm, relaxed, aware, present and focused. So far I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I could see a huge difference in my business and relationship with others.

Behzad Eshraghi, Businessman January 2, 2019

I increased satisfaction in all areas… I’m more joyful and peaceful, more confident. I feel at peace, relaxed, not angry. I feel powerful, unlimited. I am more productive and need less sleep!

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I quit smoking after 2 weeks, after I realized I am worthy and precious… Also, I don’t have any back pain anymore.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

Arjang breaks things down to the very basic fundamentals of who we are, why we are here and what to do to achieve our goals, aspirations and dreams… I have taken charge of my health. I lost 10 pounds, a total of 4 inches on my waist, almost 10% body fat, changed my diet dramatically and I’m almost off my diabetes medication. At 54-years-old, I have more stamina and dedication to my health than at any other time in my life.

Ben Mark, Real Estate Agent January 2, 2019

Mental/Emotional State

I realize I’ve been waiting all my life to feel and be as I am now – happy, peaceful, accepting, fearless, powerful and free. I feel blessed to have met Arjang and for having the opportunity to take this course.

Sepideh Kashanian, Chef January 2, 2019

I feel well-equipped to deal with work and life challenges – with no stress. And I’m very powerful!

H.B., CEO of an IT Company January 2, 2019

I am extremely more positive and living an extraordinary life. Every day I am thankful for ALL the beautiful blessings I have. I am at peace with myself and I accept myself and love myself unconditionally. I live every day to the fullest.

Alicia Mata, Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I learned to maintain a positive state of being at all times. I overcame most of my problems. And I’m happier than ever!

Marcelle Shadian, tailor January 2, 2019

You taught me how to live the life that I was not living. You taught me how to enjoy and live the life that I have been trying to ignore by keeping myself busy with excess amounts of work, at home as well as out… I feel good and complete with myself. I have found ‘Me.’ There is nothing hidden in my heart and my soul. I feel crystal clear.

Janet Gordon January 2, 2019

My mental and emotional state of mind changed drastically. I don’t think I have been this happy since I was a little kid… thank you for giving that to me.

E.S., Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I have a sense of power over my mind, emotions and life. The class and techniques are very useful and really last. I wake up every day feeling good, feeling free! I’m happy! I don’t need a reason to be happy. It’s not like I’m happy because of x, y, and z; I’m happy regardless of.

UCLA Student January 2, 2019

I noticed that my whole emotional state and being has become much more positive and happy. Every action that I take towards my goals in life, I take them peacefully and with certainty.

Helen Zaghi, Teacher January 2, 2019

Dreamality changed my attitude towards life and its challenges. I feel strong, energetic, confident and happy.

Malal Popal, Paraprofessional January 2, 2019

I overcame my fear of snakes… I liked your knowledge, tranquility, punctuality, responsibility, preparation, fluent English and being friendly.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I had fear of old age which gave me anxiety and prevented me from enjoying and living in the present. By transforming my fear to power, I don’t think of it anymore and I’m free to live and experience my life at the moment. I am able to deal with life challenges more effectively and in a positive way. Overall, I am much calmer and a much happier person.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I am so much happier and now have only positive energy in my life. My family, friends, and even coworkers see such a difference in me!

Jessica Naim, esthetician & make-up artist January 2, 2019

I feel empowered and have renewed confidence that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. Arjang is a very authentic and knowledgeable instructor. His coaching, manual, lessons, and real life examples were not only educational but very easy to follow and inspirational.

S.H., Accountant January 2, 2019

I found that Dreamality gave a certain direction to my life. I am crystal clear as to what I want to achieve in my life. My clarity has influenced my family life in the best way.

Farzad Tahoor, Businessman January 2, 2019

I had a wonderful breakthrough at Dreamality. Everything came together. The puzzle in my head was solved. The answer I have been looking for since I was 2 years old has been resolved. Happy, peaceful and knowing are the words that describe my being… I am very fortunate to have new tools that I can apply and instantly see results.

Michael Norville, video producer January 2, 2019

freedom from addiction

I overcame the biggest challenge of my life: I quit smoking!!! I feel powerful and better than ever!

Bonnie Sadigh, Interior Designer January 2, 2019

Before I started, I had no career/job. I was in a very bad and negative place emotionally,
mentally, etc. I was a heavy gambler and had many bad habits. My relationship with people such as my family and friends was unfulfilling. My results, lessons and breakthroughs happened as I started to learn how to shift my thought process and behavior. I’m now in a career that I absolutely love – real estate. It took me a while to create income, but I’m there now. I’m also mentally in a great place. I feel my inner child more than ever. I’m happy, energetic, peaceful, passionate and encouraged about everything in an unconditional way. I’ve learned how to be in control with my former gambling addiction. All my relationships today are filled with authenticity. I have very close relationships with my Mom and Dad. I’m seeing a girl I really like. I feel amazing!

Realtor January 2, 2019

We are doing great. [My son] is sober for 10 months now, nothing [no alcohol]. I strongly believe your private sessions with him made him powerful enough to make that decision and stick to it up to now. He is finding himself more and more every day. [My son] and I are much better and are strong, powerful, positive and unstoppable. We simply love you and hope to see you sometime soon. I have so much respect for you.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant, Mom of Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I am your average, typical drug addict. I am a young, healthy, educated professional. I am married to a beautiful, healthy, educated professional. I have a doctorate degree… It was not until Arjang and I sat together one-on-one, that I was able to successfully take an introverted journey into my being and uncover the deep-rooted factors that triggered my temptations. It was always right there, but I was unable to tap into my subconscious in an effective manner. Thanks to Arjang and his one-on-one sessions, I finally did. Arjang effectively utilizes the communications and meditative methods that he has studied and mastered to help uncover one’s deepest beliefs, desires, perceptions, misperceptions, thoughts and beliefs in order to overcome damaging habits and behavior. I am here today to tell you that I stand by Dreamality’s methods. Arjang was extremely courteous, thorough and pleasant to talk to, and never pushy nor judgmental. I always new that I would have to kick my habit in order to move forward with my life in an effective and healthy manner, but I dreaded the idea of going to a rehab center for 2-6 months. I was fortunate that I discovered an alternative method for rehabilitation.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

triumph over trauma

Your classes inspired me to do a lot of things that I wouldn’t think I was capable of doing before. I do not know if I told you about my first delivery or not, but it was very disappointing and a very long and hard recovery after it. It was so hard on me that mentally I blocked myself from getting pregnant again. There were a lot of fears hidden inside me that when I got pregnant last year, I think I subconsciously terminated it myself. With the trainings I got from your classes, I was able to overcome my fears, face my challenges and have the delivery I wished and hoped for – a 100% natural and drug free pregnancy and delivery!! For that I am eternally grateful to you and your coaching. After this experience of a life time, I think I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Maya Motamedi January 2, 2019

Having been physically and mentally abused since childhood, I lost my courage, joy and confidence. In my life, never being able to recognize the possibilities and power inside, I was lost and confused, and did not know where I was going. Dreamality became the light of my journey. By learning this step-by-step system, my path became clear and lighted. I am now loving and appreciate my life so powerfully and confidently that nobody and nothing is able to abuse me. The confidence and power that I gained enabled me to go beyond and above all my goals.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

When I found out about my husband’s infidelity and filed for divorce, I went through a very hard time in my life. I felt devastated, enraged and sad. I was so overwhelmed, that I could barely function and even started showing physical signs of stress such as stomach ulcers, rashes, etc. I did continuous psychotherapy and neurofeedback for 5 months with no improvement. Then I did Dreamality Personal Coaching. From session one, I saw results. After just 3 sessions, I’ve had dramatic improvements… For example, I was not even able to drive through a certain area of the city, because I knew that was where my husband would see his mistress. I would get heart palpitations and panic attacks just driving in that area. With Arjang’s coaching, I am able to drive in that area, without any side effects. I’m peacefully and powerfully moving forward. I’m able to isolate my husband’s infidelity and divorce from the rest of my life. I’m functioning well at work and my health has improved.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I was molested by my cousin when I was about 6 years old and was carrying this weight on my shoulders for many years. I always had an issue trusting males… I felt right with you Arjang and 6 sessions of private coaching did it [cleared my issues and emotions around being molested]. I have more confidence in myself and as a result I have better relationship with men in general.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

Dreamality supported me a tremendous amount while my mom was going through terminal cancer and after her passing. I used to think I would have a mental breakdown, but after my Dreamality training, I was amazed how I handled it so powerfully and peacefully. I also overcame a lot of my fears, gained confidence, became more decisive, moved forward in my career and increased my income about 20%. In addition, I have much better communication and relationships with my family and patients.

Dr. David Shabanzadeh, Dentist January 2, 2019

Overall Wellbeing

I feel like I won the lottery and I keep on winning!!! I feel so happy! I accomplished so much. I’m just having a ball.

Ora Lichtenstein, School Teacher January 2, 2019

Dreamality has been life changing, and that is when my life was already trending in a really positive direction. What Dreamality has given me is true empowerment to take the next major step to living as the person I have always envisioned. Each lesson introduced a remarkably unique and impactful tool that was simple and beneficial to integrate into my daily life. Somehow Dreamality profoundly touches all aspects of my life.

Rabbi Bryan Chustckie January 2, 2019

I feel happier, healthier, and much more focused. I am looking at life differently and love what I see. It has been a great learning experience. I am even persuading my ex-husband to take these classes! Most importantly, I have learned to love myself.

S.N., Self-Employed January 2, 2019

I had an average 298% growth in 13 areas of my life. I like the effectiveness, speed and measurable results of the coaching. The love, caring and wisdom of Arjang is amazing.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I gained clarity in terms of my life purpose. I realized what is really important to me as opposed to what society impresses upon me. I re-evaluated my values to live a life with meaning and purpose. I grew exponentially!!

S.K., attorney January 2, 2019

The classes are really great for any human being! I am a better person in many ways in my life – emotionally, mentally, in acts, and in feeling. I am cause and creator of my life. I am grateful, joyous, loving… thank you, Dreamality!

Farah Beroukhim January 2, 2019

A huge change has happened in my life… It’s so amazing how I can handle my life smoothly and happily now. No matter how hectic the situation is, I find it so easy to handle. I love this harmonious, loving and balanced life of mine.

Ramona Nazari January 2, 2019

I absolutely loved the course! It was so amazing for me and I have done a complete 180 in my life. I have such a wonderful perspective now. I can’t thank you enough for being so wonderful to me!

M.L., IT Manager January 2, 2019

My mind is more at peace… I am growing tremendously. I feel like I am reborn.

Satisfied Dreamality Participant January 2, 2019

I have clarity about my life purpose, vision and goals. I feel cause and not affected by other people’s negative states. I feel the benefit I got from the sessions is worth more than one-hundred thousand dollars.

E.J., Marriage and Family Therapist January 2, 2019

Life – it’s better with Dreamality.

Text Message from Dreamality Graduate January 2, 2019

How we’re Unique

1. innovative step-by-step system

Based on years of research and development, we created a proprietary easy-to-follow system consisting of profound wisdom plus revolutionary tools and techniques we call Precision Transformation Technology™. This system is a “transformation science” you can utilize to create results in any aspect of your life, for the rest of your life.

2. profound wisdom integrated from more than 14 different disciplines

Since 1992, Dreamality founder Arjang Zendehdel has been researching and training in more than 14 different disciplines in search of the secrets of fulfillment and success. We provide you profound wisdom from these disciplines – covering a wide breadth of ancient and modern, eastern and western approaches. These fields include Communication, Coaching, Ontology, Sociology, Personal Development, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Business, Integrative Medicine, Mediation, Psychoneurology, Meditation, Polarity and more.

We have furthermore integrated the wisdom from these various fields for tremendous synergistic benefits. If one string can pull 10 pounds of weight – fourteen strings woven together create a rope that can pull not just 140, but more than 1000 pounds. In the same way, a multi-perspective approach is exponentially more effective in addressing life’s challenges. Or to imagine it another way, we put the pieces of the puzzle together for you, showing you a highly expansive picture of life. The result: profound clarity and extraordinary results.

3. precision transformation technology

We take you beyond the temporary high of a breakthrough experienced at an event, and teach you our exclusive Precision Transformation Technology™. These are next-generation (think next-generation car or phone) tools and techniques that we have created – guiding you exactly, step-by-step how to create transformation and results for yourself for your entire life. That means you can experience a lifetime of breakthroughs after breakthroughs.

Here are some examples:

  • DAALS™: This is our famous overarching technique that includes what we consider the 5 most important skills for living a fulfilling and extraordinary life.
  • Self Coaching™: Beyond hypnosis, this is a technique for literally dialoguing with and transforming (reprogramming) the different parts of your own subconscious.
  • Self Mediation™: Used to resolve inner conflict and create inner harmony and wholeness.
  • Alternate Strategy™ / Strategy Upgrade™: A powerful technique for eliminating unwanted habits and creating effective habits at a root, subconscious level
  • BeRLER Communication™: A leading-edge process for masterful communication.
  • And more…

4. emotional transformation

Have you ever experienced a negative emotion or pattern? The best techniques out there teach you how to manage your unwanted emotions, not get rid of them. A good example is anger management, which is very popular right now. Any attempts at clearing emotions are general and vague.

At Dreamality, we go above and beyond any other process we’re aware of in the world. We have created and teach Emotional Transformation™. Because no two emotions are the same, each with its own unique “programming,” we have created specific Precision Transformation Technology™ for each of the major emotions. These are revolutionary step-by-step techniques you can use to clear and transform your specific negative emotions and patterns at a deep subconscious level. You literally learn how to precisely reprogram different aspects of your own mind. Thus, you can create new positive emotions and patterns subconsciously and automatically. So let’s say there’s someone you have anger, resentment and related emotions towards. You follow our step-by-step technique called Anger into Peace™. You now feel at peace with them and can take appropriate action from that state.

Here are other examples:

  • Sadness into Joy™: Used for transforming sadness, depression, etc. into joy.
  • Dependency into Freedom™: Used for transforming attachments and addictions of any kind into independency and interdependency…allowing you to experience true freedom and self-mastery.
  • Fear into Power™: A highly effective technique for clearing fears, worry, anxiety, etc. and instead living in your true power.
  • Decision-making Protocol™: Used for transforming doubt, uncertainty and indecisiveness into clarity, certainty and decisiveness. Used also for effectively making any size decision.
  • And more…

5. optimal learning

Transcending the typical lecture method, when you attend our programs you are totally immersed in an interactive experience that promotes optimal learning. The result is a lifetime of growth and results.

Here are some of the distinctive features of the way we teach:

  • Accelerated Learning: We use questions, exercises and other techniques to support you absorb exponentially more than ordinary learning.
  • Spaced Learning: Many seminars out there are conducted for long hours from morning to night on back-to-back days or a weekend – making it difficult to absorb and retain the material long-term. In contrast, we teach in several hour segments (our seminar sessions are about 3 hours on weeknights) spread over many weeks (9 to be exact). We provide cutting-edge skills and wisdom in carefully measured segments… so that you have the opportunity to live, breathe and incorporate what you learn into your daily life…and use them your whole life.
  • E3 – Educate, Empower and Entertain: We follow the E3 model so you learn thoroughly, get empowered and enjoy the process simultaneously. The more fun you have learning, the better you learn.
  • Balance of intellectual, experiential and subconscious processes: Having attended seminars where often only one approach was used, we present to you an integrated approach for peak learning and results.

6. root-level subconscious transformation

Our expertise is to support you to access your subconscious / unconscious – the approximate 95% of the mind that carries your automatic emotions and patterns. We go beyond hypnosis, which is a monologue to the mind. Instead, we teach you our exclusive Precision Transformation Technology™ so you can literally dialogue with and transform (reprogram) your own subconscious. This enables you to quickly remove limitations and blockages that you may or may not have been aware of… allowing you to create deep, lasting change. We also teach you how to access the unlimited power of your Superconscious – your higher consciousness.

7. simple, clear, usable, practical, lasting and high-impact

We follow Albert Einstein’s famous model: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Our gift is to take complex, profound concepts and explain them in simple, pragmatic ways.

8. empowering, energizing sanctuary

We create a safe and stimulating environment, where you are surrounded by other empowered individuals. In this sanctuary in the midst of your life… you are allowed and encouraged to dream big dreams, using our proven system to make them your daily reality.

9. achieve success, effectiveness and fulfillment in your whole life

You have different, yet interconnected dimensions to you. Our proprietary system is designed to enhance ALL of who you are… mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, relationship-wise and more. To put it concisely, we support you to achieve mastery in your inner and outer worlds.

10. on-going, caring support and personal attention

We’re not a weekend course that zooms in and out of town, providing a high and then leaving people dry. We are a rooted “tree of life” to our communities. We’re here for you long-term, with various group and individual programs delivered over time. We also generally have Dreamality Leadership Staff – students who come back to master the material and support other students – there to support you every step of the way.

11. life skills to use every day to create results forever

We don’t just temporarily provide transformation, motivation or results to our clients during our programs. We teach people lasting life skills so that they can create transformation, motivation and results for themselves for a lifetime! The proof is all the people who come back years after taking our programs, sharing how they’ve continued to utilize various Dreamality skills to improve their lives. In fact, you will likely use the skills we teach you daily, more than all of your formal education.

12. accelerated and lasting transformation

Based on all the elements above… change that might take years, decades, or never happen, can occur in months, days or minutes with Dreamality. And it lasts! Achieve your potential and live your dreams – sooner, easier, fuller and more consistently than you ever thought possible.

About Us

At Dreamality, we provide innovative programs that teach you how to achieve your potential and live your dreams. Since 2002, we’ve had the honor of supporting thousands of people do just that via our leading-edge seminars and high-level personal coaching.

Our expertise is to show you how to rapidly create lasting change at a root, subconscious level. We do so through our revolutionary step-by-step system: consisting of profound wisdom integrated from 14 disciplines, plus next-generation tools and techniques we’ve created called Precision Transformation Technology™. This technology includes our cutting-edge Emotional Transformation™. More advanced than emotional management (such as anger management) or any other method we know, our step-by-step techniques guide you how to quickly clear and transform all unwanted emotions. We also teach using fun and accelerated learning techniques, so you experience peak absorption and results.

Using our proven process, you develop clear insight and powerful skills to create extraordinary results in all aspects of your life, for your entire life. The outcome: a truly fulfilled and successful you!

Arjang Zendehdel

Founder, President, Head Trainer and Head Coach

For more than 25 years, Arjang Zendehdel has been training and researching in over 14 different disciplines to master the secrets of success and fulfillment. His fields of study include Communication, Coaching, Ontology, Sociology, Personal Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Business, Integrative Medicine, Mediation, Psychoneurology, Meditation, Polarity and more.

Along with this widespread training, Arjang received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from UCLA, and earned a Masters in Business Administration and became a certified Mediator at Pepperdine University. He is also a certified Master Results Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Arjang has shared his discoveries with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide as executive producer and popular radio talk show host of two shows on KRSI and KIRN 670AM for a combined 10 years. In addition to interviewing leading world experts and best-selling authors – such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Brian Weiss, Marianne Williamson, Carolyn Myss, Dan Millman and others – Arjang also coached listeners live on air. More on Radio.

In 2002, Arjang founded Dreamality Education & Coaching to teach people how to achieve their potential and live their dreams. As President and Head Trainer of Dreamality, Arjang has created an innovative and proven step-by-step system for creating results in all aspects of life. To do so, he has combined profound wisdom integrated from 14 disciplines and invented some of the most cutting-edge techniques in the world called Precision Transformation Technology™, including the revolutionary Emotional Transformation™ techniques. Through life-changing seminars and high-end personal coaching, Dreamality has already supported thousands of people to take quantum leaps forward in performance and quality of life.

Arjang is grateful to be living the life of his dreams, both professionally and personally. Since 2001, he has been happily married to his wife Nicole (see below). They reside in Pacific Palisades, California with their children.

Nicole Zendehdel

Vice President & Co-Trainer

Nicole Zendehdel has been with Dreamality since its inception. While just newly wed to Arjang, she witnessed him create the organization and its innovative curriculum. Nicole was a student in the first Dreamality seminar and the first Dreamality Leadership Staff (see below). In her current role as Vice President & Co-Trainer, Nicole oversees the Staff, operations, communications, registration and special events. Her focus is to create a warm and inspiring experience for people throughout their participation with Dreamality. While she is often seen behind the scenes, Nicole can occasionally be found leading a seminar as an exceptional Co-Trainer. In every role she serves, Nicole does it with professionalism, integrity and grace.

Nicole brings to Dreamality a wealth of personal, professional and educational experience. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA in Psychology and Education. Previous to joining Dreamality in 2009, she was the Director of National Programs for HOBY, the nation’s premier youth leadership development organization. In that role, she managed and directed thirteen of HOBY’s affiliate corporations across the western United States. She trained 100 affiliate leaders to serve nearly 2000 student participants annually. Nicole is also an experienced school teacher, program manager and event designer.

But, Nicole’s proudest roles remain as wife and partner of Dreamality founder Arjang Zendehdel, and mother to their children. Nicole is proud to say that Dreamality isn’t just a career, but that its principles are a way of life for them. In fact, she and Arjang credit Dreamality principles as the #1 reason for their loving and enduring marriage since 2001. And, their children can be heard quoting Dreamality concepts too!

team of receptionists

Each time you call Dreamality, the kind voices and joyful demeanor of our team of dedicated receptionists welcomes you. Our goal is to answer your requests promptly, personally and professionally. The team is committed to serving you and guiding you in the first steps of your Dreamality experience.

dreamality leadership staff

Each quarter of Dreamality seminars is produced together with caring and dedicated volunteers: the Dreamality Leadership Staff. These are accomplished individuals with their own careers – including medical doctors, lawyers, dentists, pharmacists, accountants, CEOs, psychologists, social workers, students, housewives, etc. – who choose to participate in our Dreamality Leadership Program. Leadership Staff are Dreamality students who’ve graduated from various levels of our seminars. They join our Dreamality Leadership Program to learn world-class leadership skills, receive training in our proprietary BeRLER Communication™ system, deepen their learning as they retake a seminar, make a profound impact on the lives of others, and more.

When possible, Dreamality Leadership Staff are paired with seminar participants to provide personal attention, support and encouragement throughout their seminar experience. Above all, the Dreamality Leadership Staff contribute to generating the distinctively warm, supportive and positive atmosphere we have all come to love at Dreamality. More on Dreamality Leadership Program.

Contact Us

Seminar Location:
12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite #115
Los Angeles, CA 90025

We look forward to serving you!

Founder’s Message

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